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April 11, 2001

Woo hoo! I'm so very close to opening the shades back up and shining the light on the site once more. Greymatter is chugging along beautifully while I spruce things up, rework certain aspects of the site, and add a decent amount of new features, etc. I hope to open it up sometime in the next 24 hours (so keep checking back during the day!) and continue working on it once it's open in addition.

12:23AM PST

April 10, 2001

I've finished spending quite a bit of quality time with Greymatter. We get along just swimingly. Since I've got the blinds closed still, I'm gonna' hold off on opening them just a tiny bit longer so I can get some additional content developed and a little bit more housecleaning done. We shall open things up for housewarming before much longer. Check back soon!

12:07AM PST

April 9, 2001

We've been spending some quality time together and are quite close to feeling comfortable enough to display the fruits of our relationship (did I just say that out loud!?) with you. Soon. Very soon.

6:02PM PST

April 8, 2001

I have succesfully installed and configured Greymatter and am now in the process of rendering and configuring all of the various templates.

7:56PM PST

I told myself I'd take it nice and easy and slow and yet not one hour after breaking up with Blogger did I find someone new. This one's so much better. I think I'm in love.

6:11PM PST

Well, it was fun while it lasted. We were together, through good times and bad, for over one and a half years. I'm just no longer happy with our relationship. Finally, today Blogger and I had a heart to heart and decided that we would just be friends.

5:26PM PST

This relationship just isn't working out. Sometimes she's just so overworked with all her other guys that she just doesn't have the bandwidth for me. Other times I tell her my deepest darkest secrets and as soon as I push her button those secrets are lost forevor. This isn't going to be easy but you should expect some shocking news very soon...

2:34PM PST

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