mark, my words
                        January 21, 1999

Breton and I went back to SJSU today to work with a professor on our ACTF material. The last couple times we've rehearsed our scene we've been less than enthusiastic about the piece we chose. The same thing happened last year with Laura. It just didn't work. So we chose another peice. You really have t be comfortable with what you're doing because you don't get a second chance once you're there. So we searched and searched to try to find something and we just may have found it. I ordered the script and it's being FedExed to me so we can get going as we're pretty late in the game compared to where I was with both partners last year. But I think the scene is amazingly appropriate for the competition and will contrasts very well with Breton's newly chosen monologue. Should be good. We'll work a lot Monday and hopefully set things next week. School starts Tuesday and ACTF begins February 9 so we're getting close. Cross fingers, please!

Out of the blue, a month or so ago, I got an IM from Julie, my first girlfriend from back in high school. We hadn't really talked or seen each other since around my graduation in the summer of 95. But recently we've been talking quite a bit and it's really weird, in a good way, to be doing so. It's been great to talk about "the old days."

- mark


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