mark, my words
                        February 8, 1999


So we leave in a just a few. Just enough time with little to do for me to drop one last note here. Turns out, Friday morning I was listed on the fourth and final callback sheet for a student written/directed play called Mom's Crazy. I went to get my haircut and to my voice lesson on Friday and then straight to the theatre for the callback when I was told in no uncertain terms that there was a role for me in the show if I wanted it. Now, I'm not gonna' lie. I would have much rather have gotten into Bob's All My Sons but a show's a show's a show and it's hard to be bummed about getting in a show for very long. So, when I get back from ACTF, rehearsals will begin.

I really wanna see Julie. Talking on the phone and computer is cool and all and wonderful as it got us back together after so long but it's not the same. I miss seeing her. Soon though. Not soon enough. But soon.

If ya need to get hold of me while I'm away for some reason (like I win the lottery or I am being called to testify in front of the Presidential Grand Jury, here's how.

I've got what should be the final design for, which will go up when everything is up and running, here. Puuurty, huh?

Oh yeah, don't forget about my Oscar Nomination predictions (unless I do really poorly with my predictions in which case let's call the whole thing off)!

All righty, I'm off. Sweet dreams. Be good. I'll see ya' soon. :)

- mark


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