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April 5, 1998

Happy Daylight Savings Day!

I think we as a mature and advanced society should actively celebrate the annual addition and subtraction of hours to our already complicated day. If I had some spare time I would attempt to organize some sort of committee to brainstorm such a project. But I don't. So I'll simply wish you a happy day and move on...

This is the first entry in my online personal musings database. A few friends have repeatedly asked me to sit down and write something consistently so that they can see what I'm up to. So, this is my attempt at fulfilling that request, filling that void, saying what needs to be said.

I'm currently involved in numerous projects that have been in the works for some time now and are nearing completion. The first to come around the bend is a play I'm directing at San Jose State University. I'm directing about 20 minutes of The Threepenny Opera for the school's New Director's Workshop. This year the workshop's production is titled Brecht, Lies & Videotape, an evening of four student directed Brecht play projects. Threepenny goes up (theatre lingo for starts to entertain you ticket buying audience members) on April 16 and runs for four performances.

I held my production's last regular rehearsal this past Friday. Prior to that rehearsal I was quite concerned about what I had on my plate as far as how things were looking with the show. Frankly, every production I've ever been in has been in the same position (Apparently, it's a rule that your show has to have many problems very close to opening or something's really wrong) but that doesn't make it any easier when it's a production that is your responsibility. After that last rehearsal, though, I felt much better. Wrinkles were ironed out, questions were answered, nerves were calmed, and it appears we have quite the impressive show to put on in a week and a half. My last problem to solve is getting our music all worked out. Once that's out of the way we're home free. But before we're really "out of the woods" (that was a little foreshadowing for the paragraph following this one... I'm sneaky like that) we've got to get through a week of crew run through's, technical rehearsals, and long evenings stuck inside the theatre building. Fun!

The next production I'm involved in is Into the Woods at Notre Dame High School, a nearby private school. I play the Baker and unofficially assistant direct. Woods goes up May 1, basically immediately after Threepenny is done. I'm having fun with the show. I get a chance to sing and act which is nice to have after directing a show where you watch others sing and act.

It appears the whole "Blues Clues" television show deal is really not even a deal in the first place. For a while, I was up for this smash hit children's television program for the Nickelodeon cable network. The star was going to leave the show so they were quickly looking to replace him with his "brother". Amazingly enough, I look very much like the guy and was asked to audition. About a month later the star of the show decides he's not leaving after all and we're back where we started at the beginning. So, dreams of moving to New York City are back on hold for the time being...

...but there is a light at the end of the tunnel leading heading towards the land of New York City. I can't go into details. Actually, I can't say much more than what I've said already. Surely, if you continue reading my life reports here you'll learn of my future as it becomes my present. Just cross your fingers and think pleasant thoughts. One day, soon perhaps, someone will be designing an interview with me instead of the other way around. But, until that happens, I can't wait to get back to to NYC to see friends and shows. I haven't been since last August. Geez, has it really already been eight months!?! Time flies, but have I had eight months of fun? *shrug*

I'm not sure how often I'll be adding entires to this. It's doubtful that I'll have time to make daily entires. But, check back and see, ya' never know!

- mark


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