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April 8, 1998

I wrote the following at 10:00am:

Why, when everything has run so close to smoothly so far with Threepenny, do things have to appear to be falling apart one week before we open? We were suposed to be recording in half an hour. But, instead, I get a voice mail message fifteen minutes ago telling me that the recording has been cancelled because one of the other shows has to fix a paper tech this morning. What!?! As if this recording session wasn't emergency enough!?! Then, I'm told that tonight's run through will not be effected as we wouldn't have needed the music tonight anyway. What!?! No accompaniment for a musical theatre run through??? Are the supposed to hum and count out loud? I am the most upset and angry I've been regarding this production so far. I certainly hope I don't get more upset, I don't know if it's possible. As a director I have the trust of my cast that things will happen when promised. Well, now the music is going to be least one day late, which means less than a week to straighten out problems. And we all know, at this rate, how many problems we've yet to come upon.

And now, at 10:30pm:

What a difference twelve hours makes, eh? The show's looking quite good. So we didn't record the music this morning. We did still have a decent enough copy of what we did record last week so we were able to get through the run through with few hitches. All in all, with one week to go, the show looks fine. I have dry tech tomorrow afternoon, we record (cross your fingers) the final orchestral tracks at 4pm and then Threepenny's cue to cue starts will run from 6:30 to 8pm.

Had my last rehearsal for Into the Woods (for a week or so) this afternoon. Apparently, Rapunzel's Prince had to leave the production so it now looks like Dax (Mack the Knife in my production) may play the role. That'd be cool.

- mark


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