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April 9, 1998

Hiya! Things are lookin' pretty good. I say that after many times today thinking I'd have a different report for you. But, at the end of the day, I think I can safely say we'll be okay. We finally recorded the final tracks and will get those to the cast tomorrow (or so I'm told, at this point I'm not sure whether or not to believe things like this...). We cue to cued this evening and that went as well as a cue to cue can go. We got through it in under two hours. For a 25 minute show (plus four or five minutes of 'Pirate Jenny' in act two) that's nice.

I've gotten several private emails from people who plan on coming to see Threepenny. What's so cool about that is these are people who have somehow found out about the show on their own. Yes, you heard it here first, people who I don't know, people who are not involved wi th the production, aren't friends or relatives or crew or cast members... real people are coming to see this show!

I'm going to Great America with some of my Into the Woods cast tomorrow. That should be fun. I haven't been to Great America in years. And it'll be another chance to get to know cast members. Speaking of Woods and cast members, it appears Dax will indeed be joining the cast, playing Rapunzel's Prince. I'm pretty happy about this. As well, Jackie (the director) is attempting to get us a better theatre (smaller and more intimate, already equipped with lights and sound, fixed reserved seating). So, things look good with that show.

And now, I sleep.

- mark


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