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April 10, 1998

*big sigh*

A great day ending pretty unfortunately. Not ending yet, still have many more hours to go, but basically...

I picked up Jackie (Into the Woods director and fellow San Jose State theatre friend) at State and we went to meet "the crew" at the entrance to Great America (Paramount's big theme park in the bay area). We rode all sorts of rides which one way or another come close to bringing you to the point of throwing up, without actually making you throw up. Five of us decided we were going to take part in the karaoke show at one of the outside grandstands. Four of the girls and I (lovingly known now as, "the crew" sang "Summer Nights" from Grease).

We watched another show on the same stage later in the day which featured Noah Flick who I went to high school with and also did Oklahoma! with when I was a junior. I have yet to get pictures of that production up in my on line photo gallery but I've taken the liberty of getting a production photo of Noah and I up. Click here for the photo (me on the left playing Will Parker, and Noah on the right)...

Invertigo I spent a good portion of the day with Katie (she plays the Baker's wife to my Baker in Woods). Early in the day she made me promise that I'd go on the newest roller coaster, Invertigo. Being the nice guy that I am, I promised. I managed to put it off throughout the afternoon. But, finally, we went. Now, I've never really loved roller coasters. What gets me is the lull before the dip when nothing's really happening and you're just sitting still... waiting. Did I mention this is a new fangled roller coaster? The type that have you strap in and dangle your feet high above the ground? We sat in pairs, Katie (who will pay for making me go on this ride) sat next to me and we faced two other members of "the crew." They tell me that the look of fear on my face was priceless as we made our way down 138 feet at 55 miles per hour pulling at least 5 g's. After the first fall I was fine. I actually enjoyed it from then on...

I had to get going to San Jose State for a little Threepenny cue to cue. Act two opens with Izetta singing 'Pirate Jenny' and tonight's cue to cue was for act two. So, I needed to get Izetta and crew through the song's cues and then I'd have been done. Problem is, just as I got off of Highway 101 to get onto 87 by the airport (five minutes from home) the car slowed to a stop. Great, car troubles. Just when I needed more stress. And to top it off, it had to happen after a really good, fun, much needed, day off. So, I called AAA and the car was towed to the nearby station to be checked out and fixed on Monday (cross your fingers that the fix is cheap and fast).

The cast has a 10:00am makeup call tomorrow morning to get makeup all clear and set for the show. I have no idea how I'll get to the theatre. I'll make it somehow, I guess.

Update at 11:45pm

Cool little tidbit of news... I just talked to my costume/makeup/hair designer Pat about tomorrow's makeup/hair rehearsal/workshop for Threepenny and he said he didn't need me to be at the workshop in the first place. So, I get to not worry about finding a ride and can sleep a little more and get work done around here. Pat's done a fantastic job with everything, I'm really happy with all greatful for all his work with the project.

- mark


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