mark, my words
                        April 11, 1999

Hooray! My show at State is over. We had two performances. One this past Friday afternoon and the other last night. The shows went as well as they could and we struck and partied last night. Now I get to look forward to starting rehearsal for the three shows at SRT this summer. Four weeks of rehearsal and then fourty-five performances in the following seven weeks.

Another good thing about the show being over is now I can shave. Yay!

Something I'm looking forward to even more than anything else is going down to Santa Barbara to see Julie at the end of the week. We've been counting the days since she left after Spring Break and now we're down to about four depending on if I can go down on Thursaday afternoon or Friday. We're going to also go down to Los Angeles on Saturday morning and catch a performance of The Last Session on Saturday night. I've been telling her about the show and people for quite some time now and can't wait for her to see this show that has meant a lot to me for a long time.

- mark


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