mark, my words

April 12, 1998

Talked to John today. He asked me if I was interested in going to NYC to see the Tony Awards again, I did like last year. I, of course, said I was. So, if things work out I'll go again. This time Jess wants to go. She's already picked out her dress.

I got the columns up and am ready to take on the busy week ahead. I think I'm more concerned about Woods now than I am of Threepenny. I mean, Threepenny will be fine. And even if it didn't, my job's almost done. Once Thursday rolls around, I get to sit and watch.

I've gotta leave early to see about my car getting fixed in the morning. Cross your fingers that it's a quick and cheap fix. You know, I ask you to cross your fingers often. Do you really ever cross them? Humor me next time and really cross them, okay? :)

- mark


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