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April 13, 1998

Things are lookin' up.

Well, in the end they are. Earlier this evening I wasn't very pleased. A dance major at State, who is featured in the song 'Mack the Knife', didn't show up for her call at 5:30 this evening. She didn't show up at 6:00 or even 6:30 for a 6:45 go. In fact, she didn't show up at 6:45. She didn't show up late for the final tech run through. She didn't even show up after the run through was completed. She never showed up, never called to say she wouldn't be here, was sick, needed a ride, etc. So, we made do. We improvised, I restaged, and Derik reworked choreography 3 minutes before curtain. But, in the end, things worked out fine. I'd like her to be in the production but she should know better than to have pulled a no show with two nights before we open. She's not listed anywhere in my good book.

Things ran, relatively, smoothly tonight. I reworked some cues and fine tuned some things. But, basically, things are set and my job is winding to an end. We have two full dress and make-up rehearsals on Tuesday and Wednesday and then we open on Thursday.

The Woods cast is coming to see the show Thursday night and then they're taking me out after the show. Fun! They're on Spring Break this week but are holding a special rehearsal on Thursday, before they go see the show at State. So, I'm going to take Dax to Notre Dame so he can meet the cast and see, and possibly work during, the rehearsals before jumping into things next Monday after Threepenny is finished.

My car should be fine. Four days and $500 later, my car should be fixed and in working order by tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon. The timing belt needed to be replaced and a few other things needed to be worked on. The good thing is I'll have a car and will be able to get around during what continues to seem like a very busy week ahead of me.

I got an email from a writer for Newsweek magazine this afternoon. Apparently, Newsweek is doing an article on Sondheim and his growing popularity. Because of my Stephen Sondheim Stage, of course, they contacted me. So, perhaps you'll read about me and my site in the fine journalistic periodical soon.

Oh, some of you have emailed me asking about the reference to "blowing up my little red balloon" that I made a few journal entries ago. Since many of you have asked, I figured I'd save others the time and I'd explain it, here, once and for all:

Once upon a time there lived a little boy who's elementary school was to launch hundreds of balloons into the sky. The little boy or girl who's balloon flew the farthest was to win a big prize. This little boy was so sure that his balloon was going to go the farthest, China at the very least. The launch countdown began and the little boy's eyes lit with glee at the site of the little red balloon in his little hand.

Three... two... one... lift off!

The little boy looked up into the sky, watching his little red balloon. It flew up and up. But soon the look in that little boy's eyes changed from glee to sadness when the little red balloon entered the range of the big bad pine tree. The red balloon popped and tumbled back down to the ground while the other balloons soared into the blue sky.

As you may have guessed, the little boy was me. I tend to blow up my little red balloons and have to remind myself that not all balloons fly to China. Don't blow up balloons unless you're prepared for them to tumble back down to the ground. It's not easy.

- mark


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