mark, my words

April 15, 1998

I wish I could spend more time tonight (This morning? I'm writing Wednesday's entry at 2:45am on Thursday) writing this journal entry. Unfortunately, I'm very tired and I just spent two hours writing thank you cards to my cast and crew to hand out tomorrow before Threepenny opens. In short, the final dress rehearsal tonight ran even better tonight than yesterday's. Final notes were given, last minute cues were fussed with, and it's my turn to finally sit in the audience and enjoy, without a pad of paper in my lap.

I'll take Dax to Woods rehearsal tomorrow afternoon, after we get out of our respected classes. Then we'll go back to the theatre for a 5:30 call. Pre-show starts at 6:45 and we're a go at 7pm. By about 9:15 the first performance will be history, my directorial debut will have been made, and I will have to begin thinking of other things to talk about here in future journal entries.

Again, please forgive spelling errors, etc. I'm running on little sleep and red balloons.

- mark


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