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April 17, 1998

We had two great shows today. The show in the afternoon was good, the audience was dead. Oh well, that was expected. The audience this evening was great and the show really took off. I was very happy with it.

Our ACTF respondent was involved in BYU's theatre department. Knowing this, we should have all realized that he would have issues with much of the production. His comments regarding the production really bothered me for a few hours this evening. They don't bother me nearly as much now that I've put it in perspective. The point of this was to learn about directing by learning. There is no other way to learn the art than by jumping in and making mistakes and taking risks. If one easily disturbed audience member expresses his opinion, why should I give it any more importance than others? On one hand, I appreciate being told something other than the show was "good". I can't learn a thing about my work hearing nothing other than it was an enjoyable experience. Oh well.

We have one more performance tomorrow night. Then strike. Then the cast party. Then Threepenny is done. I've had fun... time flies.

- mark


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