mark, my words

April 18, 1998

Fantastic show tonight and a packed appreciative audience. Sarah Gordon came to see the show. She played Marty in Grease! my freshman year of high school. I played Eugene. It was a nice surprise to see her. The cast got me a flowers at the curtain call, talk about a surprise. A super quick strike later we were off to the cast party at Bob Jenkins' house. Dancing, food, drinks, and lotsa' good friends. I got to relive my childhood and put on a show for friends when we put on Chicago for some reason and Derik began to dance Fosse. Bretton joined in and so we started the music over to see what he had to offer. A crowd began to form and I set the performance up in traditional Mark Bakalor milking the crowd fashion. The set up was that before rehearsals began for Threepenny I auditioned two dancers to be my choreographer. One was Derik and the other Bretton. I asked the two to prepare a piece to "All That Jazz" and tonight they would both present their choreography and we would see if I made the right decision in choosing Derik. Derik rocked and Bretton was hillarious pseudo bad Fosse. Many more showtunes (Cabaret, Hair, and A Chorus Line) show, singing, lip synching, and much later the dancing continued. Next show, Into the Woods, in twelve days. But for now, eight hours after Threepenny's final show ended, at five in the morning, I go to sleep.

- mark


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