mark, my words

April 19, 1998

I woke up at 2 in the afternoon. You know, I've noticed that I tend to wake up about eight hours after I go to sleep whether or not I set an alarm. Spooky, eh?

I got some homework out of the way and prepared for the week to come. I'm in an odd sort of in-between time right now. Just finished with a big project and just getting into another. Woods opens in 11 days and I don't feel as well prepared as I should. Perhaps, it's just because I've been away from it for about a week. Let's hope so. We start evening rehearsals tomorrow at 5pm.

Talked to Jess again today, she's now back to school after two weeks off. The Tony's are looking more and more like they will happen for me. So, in about a month I should be back to New York City. I won't be able to stay, for good... yet.

Newsweek is supposed to call in the morning for the SSS interview. So, if my eight hours of sleep rule is a decent one, I should go to sleep in an hour or two. But I just woke up!

- mark


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