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April 21, 1998

Geez, it's getting hot. Suposedly, it was in the upper 80s here this afternoon. Just a week ago it was in the 60s and windy. Damn El Nino.

We gave out presentation this afternoon in Poli. Sci. Pretty easy, actually. Turned out fine. The topic was abortion, so once we got the class talking, debating, fighting, and hurling chairs all we had to do was kick back and mediate. At the begining of class, I got my final back. I took the final last week and didn't feel too good about it. Oddly enough, I got a B on it. The wonders of GE classes, eh?

The group of girls who went with me to Great America a week or so ago apparently got me a gift after I left with Jackie. They gave it to me yesterday after rehearsal. It's a notebook and green crayon like Steve uses on Blues Clues, the show I was going to be auditioning for in NYC a few months back. Pretty cool present from some pretty cool people. I was touched. :) It also appears we'll be going back to Great America this Saturday. Whoopee.

Speaking of rehearsals. I've gotta find some time to get Woods fully memorized. I'm about 50% done, but the other 50% is making it difficult for me to feel comfortable about the show. I can't work on acting with a book in my hand. Running the show in rehearsals helps a lot. But, we can only run the show so much. I've gotta do this outside of rehearsal. I need someone to feed me lines.

I've also gotta' get together the group of actors to read this new play I was given. Getting them all together with all of our schedules is proving difficult.

Ugh. I need a haircut. I haven't gotten a hair cut since right after Measure for Measure, about 3 months ago. Three months!?! It has been ages. It's gotten to the point where I can't really do much with it other than count the days until I get it cut. Perhaps, at the end of the week.

- mark


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