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April 22, 1998

Not nearly as hot today as it was yestersday.

It looks like NYC is a go for June. The current plan is me leaving for the city on the 31st of May and returning on June 9. So, the Tonys on the 7th will come in the middle. I'll also catch the annual "Stars in the Alley" on June 3.

I feel so much better about Woods after today's rehearsal than I did after last night's. I set my script down and dove in head first. I got through the show fairly well. Not perfect, but much better than I thought I could. It's so interesting to see how well you perform under pressure. Having that script in my hand has been an unneccesary crutch. Now that the book is out of my hand I'm forced to really work and if I don't know, to improv and act. Wow! What a concept. Act!? I like it.

T minus a few hours until I get my, now two month late, hair cut. I'll go to classes, get my hair cut, and then head to rehearsal. I'm loving these evening rehearsals. I loved them when I was directing Threepenny, as well. I get an opportunity to get home from school, work, relax, breathe, and then head to rehearsals fresh and ready to work. Much better than jumping into it right after classes.

- mark


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