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April 24, 1998

What a strange day.

My car went into the shop this morning. Something was wrong and still under warranty but the part didn't come in until this afternoon which meant it wasn't ready this evening. There is a chance it will be ready tomorrow but if not then I wait until Monday. Fun.

Went to rehearsal this afternoon. Again, off book, both acts. Went really well. Things started cooking in the second act and from "No More" on I was in it. Hard to explain but I was just riding on the show, the songs, the character. People in the audience who have seen the show so many times in rehearsal teared up and I was happy with my performance. Things are looking good with the show.

After rehearsal many of us went out to eat and to line through the show, solidifying and memorizing last minute sections of the show. We spent a few hours doing that and then went out to see Grease at a movie theatre nearby. So I was really happy with that and how rehearsals went.

I get home and it's like one of those times when you're so happy and then all of the sudden you hear bad news... like you hit a brick wall after driving 90 mph. It's really not the end of the world, but going from really happy riding on a good day to hearing that next month's NYC plans aren't looking as guaranteed as they had the last few days wasn't great news to hear. It appears that because Tony tickets can only be bought four to a person that the two people who were to pick up our tickets now don't have any spaces left to get tickets for us. They're already getting eight. Now, a day ago I was told that it would be no problem at all. Then I'm told that hotel plans have fallen through and I'd have to find a place to stay on my own. Asking to sleep on a friend's couch for a day or so is one thing. But for a week or two is out of the question. So, now, I'm questioning whether or not I'll go in the first place.

I scanned some of the Threepenny photo shoot proofs. You can take a look at the scans, if you want...

- mark


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