mark, my words

April 28, 1998

I'm actually doing well. Tired, hot, and stressed. But, other than that, well. Woods continues to get better. Tomorrow is full dress and makeup. Katie (the Baker's Wife... my wife) has been sick so she hasn't been to rehearsals for the past two days. I called her tonight after rehearsal and she seems to be doing better and will be at rehearsal tomorrow. It's been difficult running the show without her.

Ack. Time is catching up to me. It's almost one in the morning and I still have to memorize my Much Ado About Nothing monologue for class tomorrow. I'm hot, my room is a mess, my clothes need to be washed, I'm tired and cranky. I just need a day to get things all settled. But, no, of course, I won't have a day to breathe until next week, when I won't need it. It's always like this. Either be bored with little to do or be extremely busy. I prefer busy but it's so damn crazy.

- mark


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