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                        April 28, 1999

I had one of the best four days of my life down in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles two weekends ago.

I went down to Santa Barbara after classes that Thursday and got in around 10:30. Not a bad drive. Just 101 south for about 4 or 5 hours. We spent Friday in Santa Barbara and went to see a dance concert for one of Julie's classes. Saturday morning we took off for Los Angeles, staying with my grandparents in Woodland Hills. That afternoon we met up with Ed, a friend of mine from a television show I did for NBC about 10 years ago. I'm designing his website and needed to get some material from him. As well it's been 10 years since I saw him so it was nice to see him again. Jules and I had such a good time. The weather was beautiful and I was rockin with my new cell phone on the Hollywood freeway, too. ;) The day was great and I got to introduce Jules to a bunch of people who thoroughly impressed her (Ed Gale, Bruce Kimmel, Bob Stillman, Steve Schalchlin, Jeremy, etc.).

We went back to Woodland Hills and got all dressed up and then went into Hollwyood to see famous places, people, eat, and hang out till we had to make our way to the theatre. Well I got us to Sunset Blvd., where the theatre is located just fine. I had a little trouble finding Hollywood Blvd which is parallel to Sunset. Soon enough, however, we found our way to Hollywood Blvd., parked, and enjoyed the Walk of Fame, Chinese Theatre, and then Hamburger Hamlet for dinner. Many years ago when I was filming a commercial for 7-11, mom took me to this very same Hamburger Hamlet for an early dinner. Just as we were walking out I noticed the entire cast of In Living Color at a nearby table. I spent about 10 minutes talking to and getting autographs from the cast including a then relative unknown Mr. James Carrey. So I told Jules to be ont he lookout for famous people. We didn't see any that night but I did see Devin, from SJSU, who graduated a few years back who was waitressing. That was odd. Anyway. We had a very enjoyable dinner and walked around a bit. Then we went to the Tiffany to see The Last Session. I had been telling Jules about the show for so long that I'm sure she was sick of hearing about it and I know she was skepticle about how great it was. I introduced her to Karen and Lori at the theatre but Steve was at a big awards ceremony in Los Angeles winning big awards and wasn't around. We went in to see the show and for once Jules admits I was right. She loved the show. At the curtain call Steve walked out with award in hand and took a bow with the rest of the cast. After that Jules got many of Steve's famous hugs and we were off to a late get together with a friend of mine. I invited Bob Stillman to join us and he did so. Here are pics from said late night get together...

Mmmm. Good cake too.

On the left is Bob Stillman, star of The Last Session.

Sunday morning we went out to breakfast with Steve and Jeremy. Jeremy gave me two wonderful gifts: a Falsettos showcard (love it!) and a Kerri Russel (Felicity) headshot. He gave Jules headshots of a couple of headshots of, relatively, unattractive actors which she enjoys as well. Breakfast was great. Then Stevie took us all to his car and played a bunch of new songs that he's recorded and I sang one of them with him. Talk about intimidating. One day I want to do it right, instead of in his car, with him playing a real piano. We went back up to Santa Barbara and relaxed as we were really tired from the weekend so far. We went and walked on the beach and watched movies. Her friends were really cool and I can't wait to go back. Monday afternoon I drove back home after having such a wonderful time. I'm going back down to see her in about three weeks for her sorority formal, right before I go up to Santa Rosa for summer stock. But the best news is that she's coming up this weekend to see me! We're going out on Saturday to eat with a bunch of friends and then to see State's production fo All My Sons which is phenomenal. I saw it this past weekend and was blown away. I am so jealous that I wasn't able to be a part of the production. But at least I can enjoy it. Anyway, the point is she's coming up and I'm looking forward to that.

Oh yeah. Here's a pic of me at the Mom's Crazy cast party from about three weeks ago. Enjoy.

Me, cast party, drunk, bad
Roberto Benigni impersonation.

- mark


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