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April 29, 1998

Ugh. This being tired thing doesn't end, does it?

We had a ful tech/costume/make-up run through tonight. Went so well. Katie is back and gave a great performance, especially having been gone for the past many days. The show is coming in at about 2 hours 15 minutes. For Woods that's fantastic.

Looks like a lot of people are going to come and see this show. Close to 200 tickets have been pre-sold for opening night. Walk ins are sure to be large in number as well. A lot of friends from school and elsewhere are coming to see the show. I'm finally ready. I feel good about it. I know we have a great looking and sounding cast and production. I think they trust the show finally. We preview tomorrow night and open Friday.

In introduced "Phil Time" to Notre Dame this evening. It's a tradition that was started at Del Mar (my high school) years ago. I wasn't sure how it would go over but the kids seemed to have really liked it and are begining to respect it and treat it as there's. Nice to have been able to passed something on.

Bernadette, she was one of my cast members in Threepenny gave me a director's present for my Threepenny work. A beautifull framed photograph of my cast. It was given to me out of the blue and that show is in the back of my mind with Woods taking up my life now. It was a nice surprise and something I really appreciate greatly.

After our run through tonight Dax and Derik and I went to eat and hang out at In & Out. It was nice to get away from the show and everything else. As well, if I didn't mention Dax in this entry I just know I'd get a cranky Dax complaining that I forgot to mention him. He's in Woods, as well, you know. We don't tell him how great he is for fear that it'd get to his head. He can get that way, you know. (Oh, whoops, I forgot about the talk I had with you, Dax, about not saying less than great things about people...)


On that note... time to sleep.

- mark


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