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April 30, 1998

We open in 17 hours. I'm ready. I think.

Tonight's final run through went okay. I'm not pleased with my performance, at all. I felt like I was doing everything very sloppily. I just wasn't in it. Now is the time that I need to take everything, all the work, all the analyzing, all the voices and throw them away. I've got to do what I told my actors to do two weeks ago when they were about to perform... trust that the work has done what it needs to do and have fun with what I have. Not feeling food about my performance tonight is a good thing. It means that I have the ability now to see this and to be ready so it doesn't happen in front of a paying audience.

Silly problems tonight. We got our Milky White last night after our second to the last performance. So, tonight was the first time we had to work with it. For those who don't know Into the Woods, Milky White is Jack's (of beanstalk fame) cow. This cow is beautiful. It's amazing. Most productions make do but this cow really is something else. The face is amazing, it's got a character of its own. The only problem was its feet weren't 100% stable. It's paper mache'd and the feet began to give way. Halfway through the first act the feet gave way and the cow died too soon. We had a paper mache cow that couldn't stand up. Needless to say, we improved much of the major cow scene. It was pretty funny. After the show we fixed the leg problem and all appears fine with Milky White.

Mom and dad, Scott and his girlfriend, and Ben and Ada are coming to see the show tomorrow night. Opening night should be pretty well attended.

I've gotta' take my car in for a quick fix in the afternoon, tomorrow. They have to fix something they found last week. I haven't had time this week to take it in. So I'll get it done tomorrow and all should be well.

- mark


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