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May 1, 1998

We made it! Opening night came and went, was very successful, and our I'm now back home at 3 in the morning with just eight hours before our next show's call Saturday at 11am.

I'm all right with my performance tonight. Not very pleased, but it worked. Something's just not right with it. Last night and tonight were just not on the mark. I think, perhaps, I'm trying to hard to get what I want, instead of letting it happen. Tomorrow, I'll try to try less hard. (How's THAT for proper grammar?) Overall, the show went very well. Milky White stood up for the entire show, no major obvious problems, mistakes, errors, etc.

Not feeling fantastic about my performance aside, let me tell you that one of the most fun things I've ever done as an actor is the second act of Into the Woods. I guess I helped to do something right because the second half of the second act got to a lot of people (by the way, we had a packed house) were wiping tears away. Having the ability to stand in front of someone and act, sing, effect is such a thrill. The magic of theatre. Sounds odd, my favorite part of the performance is when I get to make people cry. Most people wouldn't be proud about having such a power!

After the show many of us went out to Denny's. Joey and I hung out a lot tonight. She plays Cinderella. We like Joey. I took her home and got back just in time to report this all to you and sleep for a few hours before doing it all again in the morning. Right now is a nice position to be in: having three more shows ahead of me. After the matinee tomorrow we'll be at the halfway mark and then after tomorrow night we'll have just one more show. I wish we were going two weekends. Rehearsing for two months and then only getting one weekend to perform isn't a great thing.

Word on the street is that a lot of San Jose State friends are coming to tomorrow's afternoon performance. That'll be cool, a lot of people who did the Brecht shows, people who are in State's musical Hollywood/Ukraine, etc. More word is that after tomorrow night's show we're all going out dancing. Woo hoo.

Note: Dax did nothing noteworthy, so he gets no mention in today's journal entry.

- mark


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