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May 2, 1998

What a day! Went to the theatre this morning ffor our 11am call. The show went all right. It was a fairly dead and small audience. Especially compared to last night's. My performance was good. No big flaws, not very sloppy. It worked.

Tonight's performance, however, was phenomenal. The show ran so smoothly. The cow and giant scenes ran 100% as opposed to a usual 75%. Normally lines are missed or flubbed, props are missing or not working correctly, etc. But something happened tonight and we all were "in it". "It Takes Two" took off, so perfect. "No One is Alone" rocked. Everything. We had some major criers, audible throughout the last quarter of the show. It felt so good. Tonight's performance payed for the entire two month run of rehearsals. Tonight is what it's all about. Having fun, being in the moment, telling the story, and having an effect on another person. I'm glad the first two shows weren't nearly as good as tonight's. It made tonight's all the more special.

After tonight's show some of us went out. We were originally going to go clubbing but it was pretty late by the time we got out of the theatre so we'll do that in a week or so. Instead we decided to go for some bowling. A good time was had by all.

Joey and I talked a lot tonight. We hadn't really talked a lot, getting to know each other, before. So, it was nice to talk about things other than the show. After bowling we drove around, we were going to go for a late night tour of a local supermarket chain (I guess you had to be there) but it was closed. I took her home and now I'm back with an incredible seven hours of sleep ahead of me before an 11:30am call for our final performance tomorrow afternoon. Then we'll strike, go out, and I'll be back to life with no show in the near future. Life will most certainly become less exciting.

- mark


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