mark, my words
                        May 2, 1999

Another wonderful weekend. :)

Jules came home Friday evening. She decided to take the train from Santa Barbara so she could have time to study for midterms next week. The train was scheduled to arrive at the station at 7:47pm but at about 7:30 she called me from the train which had stopped just a few blocks from the station on a bridge above the freeway. They were having some sort of technical difficulty and it wasn't until about 8:30 that they had a tow train push them to the station. Jules and her parents went out to eat and then she came over to hang out here. She finally saw When Harry Met Sally with me Saturday night. Pecan piiieeee!

Saturday we went to eat at Kirks (we went to eat there back in high school and had wanted to go back for quite some time) and then ran some errands around town. We went back here and got dressed for the evening and then headed over to the Spaghetti Factory to meet up with everyone. Dax, Derick, and a friend of theirs, Pam and her husband, Jacqui and Don, David, Julea and I had dinner and then made our way to the University to see 'All My Sons'. Jules got to meet even more friends at the theatre. I later quizzed her on who she had met and she did very well. We were supposed to meet up with Jen Parsons and her guy but they apparently stood us up so we came back here. Julie left for school this morning.

I get to see her next on the 20th when I go down for the Formal. Again, I can hardly wait. :)

- mark


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