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May 4-5, 1998

I decided to take a day off from writing in the journal yesterday. My apologies. I know many of you have started to read this daily but I hear from so few of you. Is it halfway interesting or should I spend the ten minutes doing something productive with my day? Gimme' some feedback. Should I do this daily? Every other day? Talk to me! As well, I know who many of you are. But, as well, I have no idea who many of you are. So, introduce yourself so I know who I'm "talking" to, eh?

I've got my Poli. Sci. paper due on Thursday. I spent a good portion of today getting a lot of it out of the way. I'll spend tomorrow cleaning it up. Nothing much more interesting to report, unfortunately. It's been interesting being home so much more than I had been over the past so many weeks.

Dax took a lot of pictures of Threepenny and Woods and just got them developed today so I'm gonna' get them from him tomorrow to scan.

So there's this girl I like. As if you haven't caught on, yet. We talked for a couple hours both last night and tonight. It's amazing how different I feel when I'm in a relationship (or what looks like something that could very well turn into a relationship... cross your collective fingers) as opposed to not being in one. I don't know what that means. But, it's true. Geez, I sure do babble on and on incoherently... and yet you continue to read... is it like watching an accident on the side of the road or is this babble really something that interests you!? Anyway, we're going to see State's musical on Thursday and the new City of Angels movie on Friday. There's a rumor going around that a Woods cast party might happen on Friday, as well. We'll see...

- mark


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