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May 7, 1998


Turned in my Poli. Sci. paper this afternoon and picked up the grading sheets for Threepenny. I finished grading and got work done around here in the afternoon.

Joey and I changed our plans around a little this afternoon, deciding to see Hollywood/Ukraine tonight and the City of Angels movie tomorrow night. So, I picked her up at 6:15 and we went to see the show. We met Katie and Lisa (mention #1) at the theatre... The show was really good. The one thing, though, I can honestly say is that I am so happy I chose not to audition for it (not saying I would have made the cast, but...) and that I did the shows I did. I love happy go lucky kick up your shoes shows just fine, thanks. But, if I'm going to devote that much time into a show, I'd rather it be something with more substance. It was so cool to see Derik in a lead role. Izetta and Andrea kicked ass, as well.

The first and last time I took Lisa (mention #2) home I told myself, "never again will I take her home..." It was raining, dark, winding roads, lefts, narrow bridges, trees, rivers, rights, straights, way too complicated and spooky for me. It's one of those treks where you have to remember to turn your instincts on or else risk being lost and needing a search party to be sent out for you the next day. Well, Lisa needed a ride home and Kate's mom didn't want her driving Lisa (that's #3) home... smart mom. Guess who ended up taking her home? Yep. Fortunately, it wasn't nearly as complicated or instinct survival neccesary as I remembered it to be the first time.

Okay, Lisa (#4)... I worked you into the journal enough tonight to make up for never having mentioned you. Fair enough? And to get my other "shout" out, before I get harrassing phone calls asking why I didn't mention him, we saw Dax tonight. He was hanging out backstage after the show. He asked me to apologize for the photo I printed in yesterday's journal entry of him. I'll rework the photo and print it again so you can actually see him. He has this complex, he likes people to be able to see more than just his teeth. Weirdo.

So, after dropping the girl with the shoes off at her house, Joey helped me find our way onto the freeway, we were listening to Psammy the Psychic on the radio, and we were on our way. Dropping Joey off is always nice. Not that I like getting rid of her, I don't... but the trip is nice... none of that came out very well... Anyway, at night the drive to her house is really nice. The lights and hills and all. I got her home just before she would have turned into a pumpkin and all was well.

- mark


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