mark, my words

May 9, 1998

Today was a "blah" day. Not sure quite how to describe it, but it was. I just hung around the house all day. Working on sites, watching TV, hanging out. I don't know exactly why I feel like this. Well, to some extent, I do. I've talked with a few of you about it. It's not a big deal. But, it is enough of a deal to make today a "blah" day. If that make sense.

Got a nice surprise tonight when Joey called and invited me to a late night get together tonight. I told her I wasn't sure if I could go as tomorrow is Mother's Day and mom's birthday. We're taking her out to brunch (Dax and Derik are coming along, as well... they came last year too). I told her to give me a call when they're done with the evening and get together. Maybe I'll be able to go. Not sure though. I don't want her to think she has to invite me because we've gone out a few times. If she really wants to see me, that's great. I just don't wanna' be a pain or make anyone feel uncomfortable.

I've gotta remember to tape Mr. Rogers on Monday morning for my final project in Television history on Tuesday. So, email me tomorrow night and remind me, will ya?

- mark


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