mark, my words

May 10, 1998

Woke up early for a Sunday. Of course, today is Mother's Day. As well, it's my mom's birthday! We went out this morning for brunch to celebrate. Dax and Derik came along. It was a nice morning.

Joey ended up calling me late last night like she said she would and asked if I wanted to go see her and some other people. Of course I wanted to go see her. But, I like I said before, between this morning's plans and not wanting anyone to feel uncomfortable, I didn't go. But it was nice to hear from her, wasn't sure if she would call.

I don't feel nearly as "blah" today as I did yesterday. This is a good thing. I guess it was just a Twenty-four Hour Blah. Didn't talk to Joey today. I don't want to call and bug her. I assume she'll call if she wants to talk. She knows I'm interested.

Thanks to a few of you who emailed me to remind me to tape Mr. Rogers tomorrow morning for my TV project on Tuesday. I need to find something more interesting to talk about. I'll work on improving this in the future. Until then...

- mark


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