mark, my words

May 11, 1998

I woke up a little before 7:30 this morning, the earliest I've woken up in a long time. I started taping Mister Roger's Neighborhood for my presentation tomorrow and I couldn't stop watching! I love this show. This and Blues Clues. I tell you, who needs Seinfeld and ER with quality television programming like this?

I went back to sleep and an hour or two woke up for my Career Prep. class. The class did cold readings with the head of casting for 20th Century Fox.

I went home and got a lot of design work done. One interview design down, one new section to go for Talkin' Broadway. I've also been doing a lot of new work for the SSS. We have several new big time interviews, a brand new redesign, new sections, additions, etc.

Nothing new on the Joey front today. I wish there were. Even if it were hearing that nothing's gonna happen. I'd love to hear the opposite. But, anything is better than nothing. She didn't call today. Nobody said she was going to. I just assumed if she were interested, she would. I wish there were some reference book or something. Some place I could go to figure out what's going on here.

- mark


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