mark, my words

May 12-13, 1998

Didn't have much to say last night, sorry for not putting anything up. Don't have a whole lot today, either. But, I'm not going to go two days without saying something.

Today was the last day of the semester. It came and went and didn't seem as big a deal as the last day has in the past, for some reason. I'm not, apparently, a senior. I'll be a senior for a while, though. I better get used to it!

The last class of Career Prep. today consisted of everybody performing two of their three audition monologues. I did my Division Street and Laughing Wild monologues. They went really well. Dax came in and watched many of them. We agree that I need to get some new clothes.

Tomorrow, the Theatre department is having a department slide show in the main theatre. They'll show slides from all the productions from the past year. Everything from City of Angels to Measure for Measure. Then, tomorrow night, it looks like I'll go see Othello put on by some State people on campus (Bretton, my Peachum from Threepenny, is in it). I guess that means I'll miss Seinfeld. I'll be among the very few not watching it. Oh well, I'll tape it.

Called Joey tonight to say hi. She wasn't around. I'll leave it at that to make one of you happy that I'm not taking up my whole journal talking about it.

- mark


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