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May 14, 1998

I was going through web logs and I see that this journal of mine has grown in popularity over the past month or so. It looks like I've got about twenty regular daily readers and an average of one entry is read every twenty minutes. Ack. I guess if a "show about nothing" can get tens of millions of people to watch, a journal about virtually not much at all can get twenty. Fair enough.

Just today I received three emails from people letting me know they read my journal. One was from a roommate of mine from when I was going to school at the University of Illinois. He's the one who didn't cast me in "the line" for his production of A Chorus Line. We've forgiven, Matt. But we haven't forgotten. ;)

I went to school today to see a slide show of past productions at State. We were able to order prints. So soon I'll have some City of Angels and Measure for Measure show photographs.

After the slides, Dax and I went out to lunch and I took him to get his hair cut. Fun, eh? Then I went home to work some. The plan was to meet back at State to catch the student produced production of Othello. I met Dax at State. But nobody else was there. We walked around trying to find out what happened to the show. Then we went back to his dorm room and called Bretton who told us the run had been cancelled. Weird. Dax and I hung out and watched the Seinfeld finale and I went home soon after.

Never got a call back from Joey. Odd. Perhaps she didn't get the message I left last night? Perhaps. But, she hasn't called and seems to be showing no signs of interest. So, unless something changes, it's probably best to just assume that this tango only has one dancer.

- mark


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