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May 15, 1998

Joey called. We talked for a while. She's doing well. I still feel like there's really nothing "there". It was a great few days for me. "The choice may have been mistaken, the choosing was not. You've got to move on."

I went to see Deep Impact tonight with Dinah and Joe. I had really been wanting to see Deep Impact for a long time, ever since I saw the trailer in the theatres months back. Then, I saw the commercial campaign for the movie and wasn't too happy with the whole action/disaster flick thing. So, I went to the movie with mixed feelings. I walked out with none. The movie was really good. It kept me interested, impressed me with just enough high tech effects, and effected me. I cried more during Deep Impact than I did watching City of Angels last week. I don't know if that means something, but it's true.

About fifteen minutes ago, I got a voice mail message on my pager. Normally, I get numerical pages and I call the person back, no problem. Not too often do I receive voice mail messages, though. Because of this, I went to check the message and accidentally deleted the message. Doh! This is one of the worst feelings you could imagine, not really... but it ranks up there, knowing someone left a message for you but having absolutley no possible way to get that message. For all I know, the world is about to end or I just landed the lead in the latest Spelling TV drama. Maybe not. I have a sneaking suspicion as to who left the message, even what it is you said, but I'm not certain and I'm not sure if calling them at 12:30 in the morning is the best of ideas. So, If you left a message on my voice mail late Friday night, please leave another. I will try very hard to not delete it this time.

- mark


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