mark, my words
                        May 15, 1999

Geesh. I get into ruts where I just don't write anything for you and then there are other times when I update you every day. Well, the point is I'm writing you now so all is well.

And all really is well. I just got back from Del Mar where I saw a their closing night of Grease. Weird! I did that show my freshman year - seven years ago! Emily and her boyfriend were there, JJ, but mostly a packed auditorium full of people I don't know. Ya' graduate from a high school knowing everyone and four years later you go back and know nobody. Can I start saying I feel old, yet?

One more day of class on Tuesday! Speaking of class and counting down days... I will indeed be graduating and diving head first into the real world one year from now. You heard me correctly. I have just two semester's worth of classes to take and I'm outta' here!

I'm designing the CD and booklet artwork for the latest recording from Steve and The Last Session.

I only have a few more days here in town before I go up for summer stock for three months. I'm here through Thursday afternoon when I go down to Santa Barbara to see Julie. I come home, three days later, on Sunday and take my Political Science final that Monday morning. The next day, Tuesday the 25th, I move up to Santa Rosa. Wednesday morning, the 26th, is our first company meeting and that day we audition for the individual directors. The 27th is callbacks and that evening, I believe, the shows are cast with rehearsals starting the next day. At least that's what I gather. I also gather that I'll be rehearsing six days a week, Tuesday through Sundays. So I'll be able, I believe, to drive back home on Mondays as it's only 100 miles north of here. But that also means I'm away from the computer, gasp, most of the time. And when I'm not I'll be trying to spend as much time as I can with people. Especially people who's names start with J and rhyme with "newly".

Anyway, you've been updated. I'll try to write soon. Now you write me!

- mark


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