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May 16, 1998

I woke up this morning with a migraine. I hadn't had one in well over a month. I've been getting migraines since I was a baby. I don't get then nearly as often now. But when I do, it's not pretty. Waking up with a migraine is the worst. At least during the day or in the evening, I can take medicine and sleep it off. Waking up with one means having to deal with it until it eventually decides it's had its fun and wants to leave. So, I did as much as I could do in my room trying to get it to go away. Eventually it did. How kind of it, eh?

Tonight I met my friend, Steve Schalchlin. I've known him for a while, now. But, I met him for the first time at 8:15. Steve is a song writer (some call him a composer/lyricist, you may too, just as long as you call him... right Steve?). I've known him online for months. He wrote the musical The Last Session which graced New York's Off Broadway this season and should soon grace a stage near you, if all goes as planned. Steve gave an emotional concert in San Francisco at Josie's Cabaret and Restaraunt on Market and 16th Street in San Francisco. He has one more show tomorrow night. If you are in the area, you simply must go to the city to meet this man. Thank you, Steve, for a great evening. Now that you've met me, I'm sure you're dying to see me again, so come back soon. ;) And, I'll have your site's splash page designed soon, promise!

Because I went to see Steve's show, I missed an Into the Woods cast party. I wasn't happy about not being able to go. But I couldn't miss out on seeing Steve. So, I couldn't go.

By the way, I figured out the great voice mail mystery of last night. Tonight, around the same time, I received another voice mail message. This time, I didn't delete it before listening to it. My suspicions were right as to who left it. Problem is, I got the voice mail after midnight and I'm not about to call this person after midnight without knowing it's okay. Oh well, at least the mystery has been solved and we can all rest a little easier. No, the world isn't about to end and I'm not going to star in Spelling's next television drama. Thanks for asking, though.

- mark


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