mark, my words

May 18, 1998


Up until about 9:30 tonight I did't really have much to talk about. Then I had a long and extremely pleasant telephone conversation with an extremely wonderful person. A person who for days I've thought had little to no interest in me like I did them. Now I'm not sure. It looks like I may have been wrong. It also looks like I'll be seeing another movie and spending more time reading books at Barnes and Noble this weekend. I'm a happy camper.

I'm going back to State tomorrow morning to rehearse with Jennifer. The two of us were asked to perform for the Theatre Department's graduation ceremony. We'll be performing basically the same thing we did in LA this past February at the Kennedy Center's ACTF acting competition where we made it to the semi-finals.

The SSS redesign is very well. I'm hoping to get it up before this coming weekend when the SSS has a huge group of close to 80 people will be going to see the Paper Mill Follies revival.

- mark


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