mark, my words

May 19, 1998

Today was another good day. I like good days much more than bad. I'm funny that way. Anyway, Jennifer and I rehearsed our Baby With the Bathwater scene for a few hours this morning. We added a lot that we originally took out because of the time limit at the competition. We'll perform it Friday night at graduation.

I went home and worked some more. And then Dax called me to see if I was interested in seeing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at AMT. I wasn't able to use my press tickets Saturday because of Steve's concert in San Francisco. So, I called up the theatre to see if I could get some for tonight's show. I did. Dax, Derik, and I went. The show was decent to poor and the production wasn't much better. But, it was free. So I can't complain that much.

You know, Dax and I are just a few hours apart in age. Though I am, obviously much older as far as maturity goes, his birthday is technically a day before mine. It's coming up soon, you know. June 27/28. So, get your cards and gifts ready...

I was supposed to talk to Joey tonight about plans for the end of the week but when I called she wasn't around. I let her mom know I was going to be out during the evening so she didn't think I forgot to call. I'm sure you were dying to know about that, too.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning. I had been putting it off since I had all the shows and school and all.

- mark


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