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May 21, 1998

Woke up early, well early for me, again this morning. Went to the doctors and can proudly report to you all that even if something happens and my long streak of really good days ends anytime soon I can continue to say, "At least I have my health."

I've been really sleepy lately, trying to get back on a normal sleep schedule so I'm not up until 3 in the morning and waking up at 11. When I got back from the doctors I slept for a couple of hours and felt less sleepy.

Went out with Joey tonight for the first time in a week or two. It was really nice to see her again. I wasn't sure I would, but I did, so all seems well. She gave me a really cool little gift, too.

I have State's Theatre Department graduation performance tomorrow night. We're meeting at 6 to set lights and run through the scene as we've added some previously cut material. I'm really looking forward to the performance. We rehearsed this scene so many hundreds of times for the ACTF competition. We've really had veryfew opportunities to perform it for a decent sized audience. We've performed it twice for an audience with more than about thirty people. Most of the time just the two of us for one or two others. Because it's Durang, really funny, it's nice to have a response from the audience. Tomorrow there should be a couple hundred people to perform for. Fun, fun, fun.

- mark


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