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May 22, 1998

If this is a dream... I don't want to wake up anytime soon.

I had another really great day today. It's amazing how all of the sudden things changed a few days ago and now I'm back to being really happy. Time to buy stock in red balloons?

I got to the theatre tonight a little before six. Early enough to relax, hang out, get ready without stressing. Jen showed up soon after and we ran through the scene, dealt with lighting and curtains, etc. Dinah came a little later and gave me a really cool book called "The Happy Hocky Family". Page eight and nine read:

Balloon Story

I have a balloon.
Do you have a balloon?
I have a balloon.

My balloon is red.
If you had a balloon,
what color would it be?


Is that not the best book for me? Thanks again Dinah!

So Jen and I rehearsed a bit more and hung out backstage while the graduation ceremony chugged along. About 3/4 of the way into the evening we went on. The performance rocked. At the very begining we did the old standby with the scene which is to roll right through since in the past we had a strict time limit and had to be off, with a scene and monologue, in less than five minutes. Quickly I think we both realized that we had all the time in the world and that we really didn't need to rush. We took our time and it went so well. The new material we added was so fantastic because we really didn't rehearse it very much at all. It made the scene feel a lot more fresh. The audience seemed to love it. And they videotaped the evening, so we'll have the scene we've done so many hundreds of times this semester on video.

We snuck out into the audience after we were done to watch the end of the ceremony. From the side of the theatre I kept looking around to see if Joey and anyone else made it. I didn't see anyone. Oh well, at least the performance went well. The lights came up and who do I see but Joey? Cool! Turns out both Joey and Jenny showed up. Jacqui, Don, Jenny, Joey, and I went bowling after graduation. Now, I've never been a great bowler. I'm proud of this fact. However, on the first try tonight I got a strike. I continued to do well. I have no idea why. But, tonight I was a decent bowler. Go figure.

Over the weekend I should be getting the SSS redesign all ready to open up. As well I need to clean my room and scan Dax's pictures. Tomorrow Joey and I are going out again. You'll hear no complaining from me.

- mark


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