mark, my words

May 24, 1998

Time to buy stock in red balloons. I'm flying.

I owe you a long journal entry. Tonight's has to be short, I promised someone I'd get to sleep before 1:30. But first:

Jenny is running for the office of senior class V.P. at Notre Dame, and is up for a run-off Tuesday morning. Now if any of you readers out there are "on the fence" and cannot decide whether to vote for Jenny or that second coolest candidate, may I offer you a suggestion? Bribery? Noooo -- who me? Mark "mister ethics" Bakalor? This is merely a suggestion. Because I know how very difficult and stressful it is for you to pick a V.P., I'd like to merely give you a "helping hand" in making up your mind: VOTE FOR JENNY! Did I also mention what a skilled and outstanding bowler Jenny is?

Goodnight Gracie...

- mark


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