mark, my words

May 28, 1998

Woke up early this morning. The weather, lately, has been pretty crappy. Cooler than normal, dark, and rainy. They say (who is this "they" and how do "they" know everything? I ask you.) the weather should be getting nicer soon enough. Here's hoping.

I went to the dentist, this morning, for a fun filled hour that ended with the left side of my face numb. I spent the better part of the afternoon not being able to feel my chin and lip. Not a very pleasant feeling. Slowly, but surely, I began to get feeling back and life returned to being good.

Later, this evening, I was really sleepy. I ended up taking a nap. Naps are really cool. People don't take enough naps.

You know, this is my 49th journal entry. Seven weeks of journal entries. Time flies. Speaking of time, I'll be 21 in less than a month. What a concept.

- mark


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