mark, my words
                        May 31, 1999

I'm home! Here's what I've been up to...


I got to the theatre for registration around 9am and got my packet of information, took a photograph immediately to send off to the hair/wig/makeup people, and then at 11am the cast and crew had a company meeting introducing everyone and getting things under way. There are 21 actors in the company. 12 guys and 9 girls. We all broke up into three groups and began the two day audition process. I sang ("Connected" from The Last Session and "Use What You Got" from The Life) and did my monologues (from Division Street and Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs). Then we broke for dinner and came back an hour later for the dance audition. It was a normal dance audition with the whole cast. We learned it, rehearsed it, and performed it for the production staff, directors, choreographer, producers, etc...

D'oh! That's what you get when I have less than a day at home. I simply have no time to write about the rest of last week. But I am keeping a written journal and will recreate that online as I have the time. I don't know when I'm coming back home, probably won't have time next Monday. We'll see.

Oh, just so you know and aren't kept hanging in suspense till I get back home next, I got the leads in two of my three shows! I play Lucas (the Neil Simon character) in Laughter on the 23rd Floor and Charley in Charley's Aunt. In Grease, I play Eugene. The schedule for the shows and information about tickets are available in an earlier journal entry. Talk to you soon!

- mark


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