mark, my words

June 18, 1998

It's been a while, eh?

Sorry about not adding any entires to the journal in a week or so but when nothing extraordinarily interesting happens to me in any given day I feel odd about writing a really short entry and telling you something boring about the day I had. An example of how one of these entires would have gone follows:

Geeze, it's getting hot! It was in the upper 80's today. This El Nino thing is getting annoying.

I got my hair cut today. No longer parted in the middle. We're now back to the pre-Anything Goes era of hair styles. I like it like this. Change is good.

I really miss Joey. Haven't gotten any letters from her, yet. Getting mail from Italy takes a while, I guess. Good thing is she'll be home in [insert days left count] days. I can't wait!

We're still working on getting a production up this summer. The current game plan is to put up a concert version of Merrily We Roll Along to raise money for a production of Falsettos soon after. We're currently looking at a few theatres in the area and will, hopefully, be able to move forward with things soon.

I guess it's better to have written the above once than to have written it over and over for the past week and a half.

My grandparents are in town with us for the next two or three weeks. They flew in from Saint Louis last night. It's nice to see them again, I haven't seen them in about a year now.

Joey got back tonight! I took Jenny and her friend to the airport in San Francisco to see her come in. Her family invited me to dinner with them all but I had to take Jenny and her friend home. Oh well, I'm really happy to have gotten to see her in the first place, so all is well.

- mark


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