mark, my words

June 21, 1998

You ever have one of those problems that's really not a problem but still is? I mean, you know the problem, you know the circumstances and situation. You know the solution, or at least you know what it is you should do. Rather, you know what it is you'd suggest someone else do in this situation. But, for some unexplainable reason, because it's happening to you, you can't understand what's going on, what you should do, etc.? I'm going through that. In the end, if I were talking to a friend with this situation, I'd say that this really isn't a big deal. But, because I'm not, it seems like it is.

It's more personal a problem than many I've talked about in the past so I'm keeping my entry private this time. It felt good to just type it all out though. Good to get it out of my head for some reason. I don't know if these two paragraphs made much sense but it's how I'm thinking, feeling, whatever.

Today's been a good day, in all actuality. Although, at the end of it, I feel pretty "blah". We went out for Father's Day brunch, this morning. Didn't hear from Joey today.

We went to see Hope Floats this past Friday. I really liked the movie. I wasn't expecting to, at all. But, surprise surprise, I did. Yesterday, we hung out and rented a movie.

Still a lot of "sitting on the floor and talking till dawn..." If it only were as simple as that.

- mark


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