mark, my words
                        September 13, 1998

So, the news is I was indeed cast in Diana. The news isn't as great as I'd like it to be as I didn't get Charles. But, in the end what counts is being a part of the production. So, all is well. Rehearsals begin tomorrow and we open on October 23. Apparently, tickets are already in demand and will be difficult to come by when the box office opens. The run may extend but I'd suggest, if you're interested in seeing the production, that you get your tickets quickly!

I have now officially announced my newest website project: It's not open yet, just the forum is accessible to the public.

I'll be in Southern California Thursday/Friday to see the opening night performance of The Last Session at the Laguna Playhouse! I can't wait...

Oh, the live cam is currently down. I don't know what's wrong with it but it's not working as it should and I haven't had time to get around to figuring out why. So, no spying on me until further notice! ;)

- mark


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