mark, my words
                        October 6, 1998

It's happening again. Everytime I'm involved in a production I go about most of the day very, very tired.

This weekend I was given the responsibility to design the advertising material for Diana. I had to design an 11 by 17 inch poster, a postcard, and program cover in 36 hours. Over the past 48 hours I've gotten less than 10 hours of sleep. But, hey, we have some pretty snazzy looking promotional material for the show. The showcard should be back from the printer early next week, the postcard a few days sooner. Click on the ad I made below to go to more Diana material. Note that the Diana you see below is not the "real" Princess Diana. That's Renee. Our actress. Looks like her, eh?


So I watched the second episode of "Felicity" tonight. I saw the original last week, as well. I'm already hooked. I love the show. I'm just begining to realize some of the reasons why this may be. But whatever the reasons, this is a show I know I'll make plans to make sure I can see.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to see it in the next few weeks as we start evening rehearsals, run throughs, tech, and dress rehearsals in the next few days. We finished blocking the show last week and start run throughs tomorrow. Tech rehearsals start next week and we open two weeks from Friday.

If you're in the general area of Northern California and want to come see me, or don't care about me and want to see the show, let me know. I can get half off tickets for the next two weeks.

I've been talking quite a bit with Emily. I met her four years ago when she was a freshman at my high school. She was a friend of Julie, my ex-girlfriend from high school. When Julie and I broke up Emily and I became good friends. Especially when I went off to school. Now it's Emily's turn. She's a freshman at UC Davis. Time flies, huh?

- mark


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