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                        October 11, 1998

Diana. It keeps going, and going, and going. 11 days and counting.

The article I wrote for Talkin' Broadway has spurred three threads totalling about 60 posts in 24 hours time at the site's forum:

Chances are very good that these threads won't exist in a day or so as the forum cycles through new posts continuously...

Had rehearsal today which went well. One more rehearsal tomorrow, a scene and choreographic work for "Poisons". Wednesday we have a crew run through where we run the show all the way through for the show's crew who then take over rehearsals for the next week. Thursday is Cue to Cue rehearsal for Act One which I'm not in so I don't have to go. Whoopee! Friday, however, we have Cue to Cue for Act Two which I am in which means I'll be in that theatre from 6 till we drop. Then Monday we do a full trech run through and Tuesday through Thursday we do full tech, costume, and wig run through. Thursday is invited preview and Friday we open for a run of at least seven performances. Then I breathe.

Until then, though, I have math, moral issues, and makeup homework waiting. Goodnight. :)

- mark


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