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                        October 23, 1998

Diana opens tonight!

This just in! CNN is featuring the show today!

Boy, oh boy the press on this show just doesn't stop. Well, soon it'll be old news but until then the media continues to be jumping on the bandwagon. CBS news stations have been covering the show after the San Francisco CBS affiliate KPIX came to the theatre Wednesday afternoon. If you look carefully you can even see me. KPIX found out about the show after the San Jose Mercury News did a huge feature on the show. We got an above the fold front page article that continued onto the back page with a huge photo! The show hit the AP wires this morning too. I was just told that they talked about the show on KGO radio this morning, as well. We're soon to, apparently, be featured in Variety and The London Times. Reporers from all over the world have been calling in to get information on the show. The run is almost sold out. This weekend is standing room only. The Mercury News is going to be reviewing the show, as well. This will be the first time in a very long time that they will be reviewing a college production. If you hear about the show in your neck of the woods, please let me know!

Current Diana Media Sighting List:




AP Wire
London Times
St. Louis Post Dispatch
San Francisco Chronicle (2)
Seattle Times
San Jose Mercury News




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