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by Amit Margalit
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Latest News: (Updated: 14-April-1998)  XBanner is a program designed to beautify your XDM login screen. It can draw text and render some effect on it, and it can fill the background with a nice pattern of colors. XBanner can also put an image on the screen for you, as well as do some mininal animation.

 New Features of XBanner 1.31 

XBanner 1.31 is mainly a maintenance release, so the new features aren't as exciting as were version 1.3's:
o Redrawing of uncovered areas of the screen are now a feature. Use -expose / -noexpose.
o Change color cycling direction every few steps (-bgsteps / -effectsteps).
o Bug fixes. Many situations reported by various people have been fixed. (Thanks for the bug reports).

From here you can do the following:

o Download the software 
There are RedHat 4.1 and Debian 1.3 packages (.rpm/.deb) available.
o Browse the documentation (updated)
o Email me about bugs/successes
o See samples of XBanner's graphics 
o Go to the screen-shots page! 

Links To Cool Things

o Xaw-XPM 
Xaw-XPM is a replacement library based on Xaw3D which will make your applications look better than Motif (no re-compile needed, just plug it in, and enjoy!).
o Linux 2.0 Unofficial Patches 
This list contains a patch that will place a nice little pengiun on your screen while Linux boots. Tiny and cute, requires recompilation of the kernel and a small addition to your startup scripts to remove the penguin, but it's worth it.

Special Friends

o Oren Tirosh
Oren has been my friend for many years now. He has helped XBanner in the field of algorithms, and new ideas for effects, and implementation hints.
o Rich McClellan
Rich is the guy who gave XBanner a home. He helped me so much during the early days of the web site. XBanner and I owe him a lot.
o Chris Yeo 
Chris is one of the major helpers to XBanner. Provided the WWW-counter, helped with proofing the docs, and created the RedHat 4.0 packages, as well as helped me get them into the next RedHat distribution.
o Ben Spade 
Ben helped me proof the docs, and is now maintaining one of the web-site mirrors.
Many others are listed in the Credits file.

Other stuff

o XBanner Mailing Lists 
o Download XDM software (Linux tested) 
o A 3D replacement for XDM! 
o The Future Plans for XBanner.

Web-sites: Home XBanner HomeCalifornia CaliforniaIsrael Israel 
Ftp: Home XBanner Home, fifi.org Californiaftp.digital.com Californiaftp.cs.wvu.edu West-Virginia
Holland HollandGermany GermanyIsrael Israel 

EMAIL If you have any problems, please send email to : xbanner@hishome.net  

Sponsored by the Department of Physics, California State University, Fullerton.