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The shirt off my back...

At Dinah and Edmond's party last night there was writing on the walls, tables, and on the shirts of all in attendance. All party goers were asked to wear a shirt that we wouldn't mind being written on. I did and after an evening of madness my shirt now has the following on it:

  • Mark claims to be from CAMPBELL but Dinah says "He's from the MOON"
  • Mark "Talented Toes" Bakalor - "The Ladies Love 'Em"
  • Slut
  • Call me Mr Wizard
  • Call me 867-5309 nooooo 588-2300
  • Nature shows art so that through my t-shirt you may see my heart!
  • "I need more women touching me."
  • Fish
  • May contain one or more of the following: Beer, sarcasm, Fanny shaking, RUE
  • <- This is a dot
  • YES, I DO LIKE MUSICALS - Astoundingly, I also like girls.
...and various other drawings and markings.

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Rue? Mooooo.

JISH (05/02/2001 06:51 PM)

Oh no, now you rue Miss JessaJune. Just whose side are you on, anyway? It's all about ME!

Mark (04/30/2001 10:19 PM)

Oooh, mock turtle -- that's good. Bill completely fails to rue. This is excellent.

JessaJune (04/30/2001 10:18 PM)

You rue and I'm a warted sugar mama. At least it all makes sense now.

Mark (04/30/2001 05:58 PM)

I do rue. :-(

Bill (04/30/2001 05:57 PM)

In a way, I suppose, I mock turtles in a broad sense. Are you calling Jish a turtle? Now YOU rue!

Mark (04/30/2001 05:56 PM)

You're just a regular mock turtle.

Bill (04/30/2001 05:54 PM)

I don't have time to mock you. I'm busy mocking up site designs.

Mark (04/30/2001 05:53 PM)

Oh, you rue. You've been mocking me.

Bill (04/30/2001 05:52 PM)

He seems like an annoying chap. I bet he rues.

Mark (04/30/2001 05:51 PM)

He does the webloggers webring: http://www.jish.nu/webloggers/ He's just been blogging forever, is all.

Bill (04/30/2001 05:50 PM)

Never heard of the guy.

Mark (04/30/2001 05:48 PM)


Bill (04/30/2001 05:48 PM)

Who is Jish?

Mark (04/30/2001 05:35 PM)

Whoa, Jish just wrote about this party. Was there a Blog Crossover, and you didn't know about it?

Bill (04/30/2001 05:32 PM)

That makes much more sense than "Warted Sugar Mama." I'd much prefer a sugar mama than being called a warted sugar mama.

Mark (04/30/2001 11:56 AM)

Dammit, I had hoped most people would just think Mark couldn't type, not that I can't write on a shirt with a Sharpie. Actually, I did write Wanted, but only after I screwed up. It's hard to cross stuff out on a t-shirt.

Kristin (04/30/2001 11:54 AM)

Er, not sure. That's what it looked like when I was transcribing!

Mark (04/30/2001 11:49 AM)

"WARTED Sugar Mama"??? I thought Kristin could spell better than that.

JessaJune (04/30/2001 11:49 AM)

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