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Ahh... I always suspected Edmond was more aquainted with evil than we gave him credit for.

JessaJune (05/02/2001 08:52 AM)

Beyond rue -- it's when when done or expressed something you should regret but, in the power of the moment, you don't and feel liberated, but only to perform evil. Well, that's what I was told.

Edmond Meinfelder (05/01/2001 06:48 PM)

What exactly is beyond rue?

Mark (05/01/2001 04:51 PM)

That's IT? That's all you're going to post all day? My disappointment goes beyond rue.

JessaJune (05/01/2001 04:50 PM)

Oh come on now. What's with all the sighing? ((hugs)).

deeamonte (05/01/2001 05:37 AM)

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